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In this website you can find nalbinding videos, and instructions on how to make nalbinding mittens.

"In the past years nalbinding has become a 'fashionable' hobby"

- Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen,
62 years ago (1960)


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Finnish Stitch 3+3 (Sortavala Stitch)

Sortavala (Ladoga Carelia, former Finland; area belongs to Russia since 1940)
Kannas (Carelian Isthmus, former Finland; area belongs to Russia since 1940)
Salsta (Sweden)

Hansen's Notation

Video (link) "drop & pick" -technique

Finnish Stitch 3+3  (Sortavala Stitch)

You can read more about the Finnish Stitch Family on page Stitch Grouping by Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen (link).
Kaukonen writes (1960) this stitch type FS 3+3 was used in Finland for thicker mittens, but doesn't name places. Combining the information from Kaukonen's article (1960), and the samples in the NBA ethnological collection (label 9170:6, FS 3+3 F2) , you can see, though, that Ms Elmi Tsokkinen from Suojärvi learnt this way of nalbinding from a woman in Sortavala.