Finnish Stitch 1+3  (Brodén Stitch)

Savitaipale, Kitee, Pyhäjoki, Uusikirkko (Finland)
Brodén Stitch (Sweden)

Hansen's Notation

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Finnish Stitch 1+3 (Brodén Stitch)

Video (link) - includes how to start and make the first loops; joining a chain of stitches to a circle; second row and connection stitches (F1/F2); using thin yarn and tensioning the stitches onto the needle; how to make a round start; voiceover both in English and Finnish.

Video (link) - includes only the stitch itself
In Märta Brodén's book this stich is made with F2 connection stitch.

You can read more about the
Finnish Stitch Family
on page Stitch Grouping by Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen (link).

Swedish Märt Brodén published her Nalbindning boo in 1970's, and made this stitch well-known. In Finland the Finnish Stitch 2+2 is the most common one, and in Sweden it is this FS 1+3 that is the most common one, and thus considered a "basic stitch" in Sweden. In Sweden it's also known by names Norrtälje, Nysätra and Uppsala stygn/tekniken.

In Finland this stitch FS 1+3 has been used at least  in Savitaipale in the beginning of 1900's. A nalbinder I interviewed in autumn/fall 2010, had learnt nalbinding in her home in Savitaipale in the 1930's, and this stitch was the only one she knew. This stitch type FS 1+3 has been used also in Kitee (NBA ethnology collection; label "63" (1+3 F2)), and in Pyhäjoki (NBA, label 9616:17 (1+3 F1)).