Björsbo Stitch  (Finnish Stitch 1+1, plaited edge) 

UO/UOU F1  (video)

In Finland this stitch has been used in Räisälä (Carelian Isthmus) (personal communication 3/2015)
In Westman's book this nalbinding stitch is Variant 3, from Björsbo (Sweden).

Björsbo Stitch is like Oslo Stitch, but at the end of the stitch push the needle over
the needle yarn. 

m_1-1-lettir_bjorsbo_o.jpg m_1-1-lettir_bjorsbo_n.jpg
Björsbo Stitch
Finnish Stitch 1+1, plaited edge F1,
front side
Björsbo Stitch
Finnish Stitch 1+1, plaited edge, F1
reverse side 

Björsbo Stitch 
Finnish Stitch 1+1, plaited edge