Russian Stitch 1+1+2  (Oulu Stitch)


Russian Stitch 1+1+2, Oulu Stitch 

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Russian Stitch 1+1+2 F1
Oulu Stitch

front side

Russian Stitch 1+1+2 F1
Oulu Stitch

reverse side

Oulu (Finland)
Överkalix (Sweden)
Verdal (Norway)

Nordland mentions in his book that there are mittens made in this stitch from Oulu (Finland; Oulu is also called Uleåborg), Överkalix (North Sweden), and Verdal (Mid-Norway).

There is also a small photo of the Oulu mittens in Nordland's book. The mittens appear to be either white or pale gray, with square tops, and some minor decoration at the cuff. The same Oulu mittens seem to be viewable also on the Swedish 
Digitalt Museum's web site (link).

You can read more about the Russian Stitch Family on page Stitch Grouping by Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen (link).