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In this website you can find nalbinding videos, and instructions on how to make nalbinding mittens.

"In the past years nalbinding has become a 'fashionable' hobby"

- Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen,
58 years ago (1960)


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Other Nalbinding Stitches

Other than Finnish, Russian, and Turning Stitches

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There are several different nalbinding stitches, and some of them have been known in many places, and thus may have several names. 

On this website I follow the grouping of stitches by Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen (1960), but I have also included some of the names which have been well-established abroad, ie outside Finland.

Here is an incomplete list of nalbinding stitches (link).

-/- F1B1 (-/- B1F1), Coptic Stitch / Tarim Stitch
O/UO F1, Danish Stitch
OO/UUO F1, Double Danish Stitch
OOO/UUUO F1, Variant 5
OOO/UUUO B1, Variant 7
OOo/uUOO F1, Vendel Stitch
VIDEO 9/2017  OOO/UUOO F1, Varsta Stitch (also in Medieval Turku, Finland)
OOOo/uUUOO, Åland Stitch (Åland in Sweden, not Finland)
OOOO/UUUUO F1, Variant 9

NEW 9/2017  U/OU "B(L) 2.2", from Egypt (Böttcher) 
UU/OOO F2, York Stitch
UU/OOO F3, from Egypt (Böttcher) 
UUU/OOOO F4, from Egypt (Böttcher) 
UUU/OOOU F1 (or B1), Saltdal Stitch
UUU/OOOU F4, Trier Stitch
VIDEO 9/2017  UUU/OOOU, nurjalta M1, Vad Stitch
UUU/OOUO, B2, Helle's Stitch 

(U) O/U O:UO F1, Dalarna Stitch 
U(U) O/U O:U OO  Bottom1 + F1, Åsle Stitch 
VIDEO 7/2017  U(U) O/U O:U OO  M1, Åsle Weaver Stitch  
VIDEO 7/2017  U(U) O/U O:U OO F2, Åsle variant

VIDEO 7/2017  UOO/UU\O/UOO F1, Cross-Dalby Stitch
VIDEO 7/2017    UOO/UU\O/UOO B1, Double Curl Stitch

U(U) (OO/UU) OOO:UUUOO F1,  Omani Stitch

4-phased stitch (?)
2+1+1+1rus F2 (my experiment) 

Nameless nalbinding stitches:
O/UO B1  
U/OO F1, F2
U/OU F1, F2